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North Lake county is featured on the June 4, 2016 edition of Northwestern Outdoors Radio. Interviews include Clark Hagler from the Paisley Ranger District, Martin St Louis from Summer Lake Wildlife Area and Gary Brain of The Lodge at Summer Lake and The Flyway Restaurant.

Links :
Northwestern Outdoors Radio June 4th, 2016 - Oregon Outback episode
NorthwesternOutdoors YouTube Channel
Northwestern Outdoors Radio website
Summer Lake Wildlife Area - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
The Lodge at Summer Lake and The Flyway Restaurant
Fremont-Winema National Forest - Paisley Ranger District contact information and more

Central Oregon Daily News article from February 21, 2019 : THE GREAT OUTDOORS: HYBRID BASS FISHING AT ANA RESERVOIR

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Hybrid Bass Fishging at Ana Reservoir

Gary Lewis Outdoors